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The Joys of Growing Up Italian Past Present Accounted For The Big Sky Cafe
The Big Sky Cafe
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Sentimental, emotional story of Italian-American growing up in a typical ethnic neighborhood in the U.S. from the 30's to 50's. Edited and Narated by Jack Bogut Original Musical Score by Vito DiSalvo Produced by Vito DiSalvo Engineered by Ed Dukstein A 12 minute recording of the well known, anonymous story of "THE JOYS OF GROWING UP ITALIAN" that immediately transforms you to your childhood.

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National Broadcasters Hall of Fame member, Jack Bogut, has just released his fourth CD - an original Christmas story set in North central Montana. The title is “Past Present Accounted For,” a tale about six young people who got caught up in some events that seemed accidental at the time, a little baffling after they thought about and discussed them, and profoundly generous when they finally understood what a gift they had been given. It would be a present that nobody asked for or expected. It would come to them in separate installments, none of which would make much sense until connected to the other parts. They would not be able to return it even if they wanted to. Five parts would arrive that night. The sixth and final part would come many years later, on another Christmas Eve. This warm, funny, and poignant story is about the mystery and joy that exist in Christmas, even for non-believers. Early reviewers said: “It’s a truly wonderful story. My family and I will listen to it again and again.” “There’s a piece of me, and perhaps everyone, in this story.” “I drove quite a distance out of my way to finish listening to the story. The ending made me pull over...” “A great, surprising, story that should be made into a movie.”

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Stories of a place we all know even if we've never been there. This CD is an audio collection of some of the most often requested stories from Jack's book Big Sky Cafe and Other Schools I Have Attended. Click below for a sample of each track:
Mental Movies Word Painter by Jack Bogut Jack Bogut's THREE CD BOX SET
Mental Movies
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Second Audiobook CD continues with "mental movies" by one of America's great storytellers.
Stories include (click for an audio sample):
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Big Sky Cafe
Mental Movies
Word Painter

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